Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reviewing the situation...looking ahead

I have spent a quiet day catching up on chores and choosing pictures for my project on  " a sense of place." This is the beach near the Blue Cottage where I stayed last year with Sandy and Melissa. It was such a magical place, and we had such a rich time learning, making art, cooking, walking on the beach, sharing books and ideas.  I am excited to share my soundscape/video with the cohort. We have come so far together, and after next week we will all head off into new directions. I hope my assignment captures a bit of the sense of belonging and place I experienced while in this course of study.

Reflection time needs to be built into the design of intensive courses. Staying out at the Blue Cottage last summer gave us time to unwind and unpack the day during the commute, and time to learn about each other so that our collaborations were adventures, and we were a band of friends who relied on each other to solve all sorts of challenges.

Staying at my daughter's apartment this summer, and being on a different schedule in the mornings has left me feeling a little isolated.  Facebook chat is there to crowd source an answer to a question, and twitter is a pretty good pressure valve, but I miss the camaraderie of the cottage experience.

My morning course is all activity based with no time to unpack any of the exercises we do.  When I leave there my head is spinning in high gear to process all that content, while changing equipment and location for the afternoon. Oh yeah, and grabbing  lunch too!

I really needed the weekend break and I know there still is the big assignment looming over me, but I honestly haven't got a clue where I am going to start on it. I am trusting in the universe to provide some insight while I am on the motorcycle course tomorrow. If that doesn't work, hopefully the cohort will steer me towards something which will capture my imagination!

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